Major success for e01 in St. Moritz!

The Kilomètre Lancé - a standing start drag race over a distance of 1000 m - took place under extreme weather conditions.

Despite the adverse conditions, the e01 finished first in the group of all post-war cars, beating all historic competitors speed wise with a overall time of 21.22 sec.

The drivetrain of e01 - the Direct eDrive - allowed for numerous repetitions with absolutely reproduce-able best times under full load for batteries and motors.


Facts and Figures:

  • standing start drag race over 1000m on the runway of Engardin Airport
  • 500 m: 13.63 sec
  • 1000 m: 21.22 sec
  • Reference Porsche 959: 21.6 sec (manufacturer’s specification)

Projekt e01 – the Direct eDrive is on the road!

e01 is the first realization of our individually developed Direct eDrive. A German icon, driven by the Direct eDrive.
  • more than 500 kW peak-power in race mode and full long range capability in sport- and eco-mode.
  • 3200 Nm of torque at the rear axle lead to a catapult like acceleration, showing the full capability of the Direct eDrive.
  • With two separate batteries in high-end milled aluminum casings, e01 keeps the characteristics of a rear engine sports car - high mechanical grip and driving dynamics - combined with improved weight distribution.

The world premiere takes place during the international St. Moritz Automobile week from 02. to 11.08.2022.


Direct eDrive high-performance powertrain · gearless motors · 518 kW each axle

The highly efficient engines allow for direct drive to the wheels, without increasing unsprung masses: 518 kW per axle.


Direct eDrive - the gearless hollow shaft drivetrain with multiple applications:

truck • 4x4 • SUV • boat


Let's talk about the Direct eDrive or your e01.

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