Direct-eDrive high-performance powertrain · gearless motors · 518 kW each axle

The high efficient gearless powertrain with hollow shaft and peak power of 1036 kW on two axles allows the direct drive of the wheels without increasing the unsprung masses.

518 kW each axle Direct-eDrive – the gearless hollow shaft-high performance powertrain with multifarious application options.

The Broedersdorff & Koenzen Ltd. gives application examples from the 4-wheel drive truck to truck electric retarder drives through to boat powertrains.

performance data

Direct-eDrive – Innovative high-performance powertrain
  • gearless – direct hollow shaft drive
  • single or double motor configuration
  • single powertrain: kWp 256 kW / 1625 Nm
  • double powertrain: kWp 518 kW / 3250 Nm
  • delivery with controller in individuell configuration possible
  • recommended voltage range 500 – 750 V

Direct-eDive – Video: test bench run

Truck – Direct-eDrive truck electric retarder/drive

Direct-eDrive drive in already existing truck

The Direct-eDrive powertrain can be integrated in an already existing truck with conventional engine as electric retarder/hybrid drive directly into the drive shaft

Thereby 1- and 2-motor concepts can be implemented

Direct-eDrive - innovative high performance powertrain
  • direct-eDrive truck electric retarder/drive
  • integration into the drive shaft
  • 256 kW, alternative 518 kW

Truck – Direct-eDrive 4-wheel drive truck

Double-Direct-eDrive as full electric 4-wheel powertrain concept

The double-Direct-eDrive powertrain replaces by this full electric 4-wheel drive concept the transfer case and allows intelligent Torque-Vectoring and excellent traction in difficult conditions of the terrain.

For already existing or new 4-wheel drives an electric high-performance powertrain can be realised efficiently.

Direct-eDrive 4x4 Truck
  • integration in drive shaft to front and rear axle
  • torque Vectoring front / rear
  • 2 x 256 kW = 518 kW

SUV – Direct-eDrive

Double-Direct-eDrive as full electric 4-wheel powertrain concept

Two double-Direct-eDrive powertrains deliver with this full electric 4-wheel drive concept a gearless direct wheel powertrain without increasing the unsprung masses.

Performances for all-terrain vehicles and trucks of over 1000 kW in very small installation spaces and highest efficiency can be implemented.

Direct-eDrive 4-wheel drive SUV
  • integration in axes / drive shafts directly to the wheels
  • assemblage near to the wheels, without increasing of the unsprung masses
  • torque Vectoring front / rear und crosswise
  • 4 x 256 kW = 1036 kW

Boat – Direct-eDrive boat electric powertrain

Direct-eDrive drive as boat powertrain

The Direct-eDrive drive opens up as 1 or 2 engine concept as well as for boat drives due the direct integration in the shaft run through which high torque at low speed new opportunities.

The drives can be easily installed into already existing boat drives with shaft feedthrough into the hull.

Direct-eDrive boat electric drive
  • integration directly into shaft run
  • single or double engine 256 kW or 518 kW
  • alternatively as Plug-In, directly mounted on the existing shaft train, via hollow shaft
  • for example: for pure or temporary e-use in harbor or coast area

Expression of interest

Our aim is the series production of the DirecteDrive in the first quarter of 2020

For the Direct-eDrive we will conduct an open interest determination procedure in autumn 2019, to guarantee best possible availability due to corresponding quantity and efficient manufacturing.

Please contact us via email or phone and let us talk about the implementions of your project.

Direct-eDrive high- performance powertrain · gearless motors · 518 kW each axle
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